: Homework 1

Creative Statment

Through my work, I aim to create mystery and suspense. I am very interested in the horror genre of filmmaking. It’s always been my favorite type of film genre to watch, and I was always inspired to grow up to create a horror film. Over the years of watching horror films, I’ve noticed that I wasn't interested in the plot, or it was predictable and not scary. So I want to bring back the “old” horror films where jump scares scare you. In high school, I did very well. Real actors played it out and I got good fed back on it. It was about a family who lost a twin child and how they worked through it. It was very suspenseful because throughout the play the audience was questioning whether or not the other twin had died or not. My work usually would target the younger audience 17-25 because that’s around the same age as me. I want my work to be relatable. I haven't really did that much body's of work and I'm still trying to figure out my niche. With more experience I'll figure that out.